Debt Negotiation App Lever is Payitoff’s Newest Partner

We couldn’t be more excited to announce our latest partner is Lever, an Australian debt negotiation app making its US market debut. 

Powered by our API and smart debt guidance, in the US market Lever will be assisting borrowers specifically with student loan debt to help optimize their student payments. 

Meet Lever

Lever started in Australia, where they help consumers negotiate with debt collectors through legal channels on their easy-to-use mobile app. The Lever app empowers consumers with the tools and guidance they need to settle their debt in a legal, transparent, and simplified way. Australian consumers have primarily used the app for help with paying down debt like utilities, phone bills, and loans. 

While Australians don’t necessarily struggle with student loan debt the same way Americans do, of course debt still weighs heavily on people: 55% of Australians are struggling to pay their electricity and gas bills on time, 45% are struggling to pay their credit card bills and 39% their phone and internet bills. 

After much success- Lever has saved Australian borrowers $54k in average loan lifetime savings- they’re aiming to help bring clarity to American borrowers with a struggle we at Payitoff consider every day: $1.6 trillion in outstanding student loan debt. Lever will support 98% of federal student loans.

“Our partnership with Lever will empower student loan borrowers to communicate directly with lenders and take control of their finances in an easy, accessible way.”

-Bobby Matson, Payitoff CEO

Financial clarity for borrowers is the key

Like Payitoff, Lever has a similar driving philosophy: borrowers need to be able to attain clarity when it comes to financial decision making, especially when it comes to their debts.

Lever founder and CEO Trent McKendrick commented, “The number one thing consumers can do to lower their debt is communicate with the parties they owe, but that’s incredibly difficult and intimidating to do if you don’t know your legal rights or what to ask for.”  By “making an emotional situation more positive by giving consumers the tools and support they need,” Lever hopes to empower consumers facing the pressure and costly, temporary quick-fixes that too often result from outstanding debt.


With the power of Lever and Payitoff together, we hope student loan borrowers nationwide can look forward to a new level of clarity and access to their lenders as they navigate a complex and evolving system. Check out for more information on Lever’s app. And of course, ask us more about industry-leading debt API, smart debt guidance, third-party payments, and other debt tools anytime at

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