Anglia Advisors Improves Holistic Offering with Student Debt Repayment (Case Study)

Anglia Advisors offers comprehensive financial planning services to their clients. Over the past few years, they’ve seen an increasing number of prospective and existing clients with significant student debt. The burden is extremely high for anyone with a graduate degree, especially legal and medical professionals.

When Anglia Advisors began to research programs available to student loan borrowers, they found a minefield of regulatory nuances. Repayment options felt impossible to forecast with any accuracy. Most available resources were in the form of scattered spreadsheets and online calculators.

They needed an accurate, simple resource — and fast.

Using Payitoff, Anglia Advisors saw a dramatic increase in efficiency delivering financial plans for clients with student loans. Some client cases used to take hours — now they could get answers in minutes.

In this case study, you’ll learn how Anglia Advisors used Payitoff to:

  • Put their clients on a faster path to asset generation
  • Leverage opportunities with Public Service Loan Forgiveness and additional federal programs
  • Attract new clients to their service
  • Find incredible saving opportunities, including a single client saving $599,192 based on findings within the platform

Download the Case Study Here

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